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Beaten & Bruised

Autor: Internet Rob
Datum: 27.12.2021
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Beaten & Bruised is an animation mod that changes how people react to being injured in GTA IV!


Minor Injuries
When only slightly injured, people won't be quite so incapacitated like they are in the vanilla game. I used Roman's injured animations from Hostile Negotiation to achieve this!

Serious Injuries
If a severely injured NPC is able to stand up (after going unconscious), they may try to get to safety. This animation is much closer to the vanilla one except it displays a greater deal of pain and suffering... :cool: It's an unused asset from your second encounter with Pathos.

When you drop an NPC, the game blends them into an unconscious animation (either on their back or side). I swapped out the overused side-laying animation for a completely unused frontal one! And if I ever figure out how, I will update this mod with all three animations in tandem.

Crawling Ability
It's so awesome to see someone desperately crawling through the middle of a warzone, it's the cherry on top. But it's a little janky due to an issue with the animation - so installing it is optional. This asset was intended to be used in a random encounter with Brian, but 13 years later... it got used in this random mod instead!

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Beaten & Bruised
Beaten & Bruised Beaten & Bruised Beaten & Bruised Beaten & Bruised

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