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Alarm Mod (Car Security)

Autor: nyolc8
Datum: 07.07.2021
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CarSecurity VERSION:

1. Requirements:
- GTA4 or EFLC (tested on latest versions, but should work on all versions)
- Scripthook.asi and ScripthookDotNet.asi

2. Installation:
Copy "CarSecurity.ini", "" and "CarSecuritySettings.exe" to "\scripts\".

3. Features:
This script provides controls for your vehicle alarm.
You can:
- turn on alarm and lock doors or turn off alarm and unlock doors (even if you're inside the vehicle)
- turn on panic mode, which means instant alarming no matter if the car is locked or unlocked (even if you're inside the vehicle)
- specify many settings with the CarSecuritySettings application, like blinking speed, sound effect, keys, etc... (you can find descriptions for the options inside the settings app)

The script makes a blip on the map for your saved car (see "4. How to use"), and that blip changes color to show the vehicle locked(orange)/unlocked(green) state.
The blip even changes it's size when you lock or unlock your car. Also it flashes when panic mode enabled.

You can save car (see "4. How to use") even if you're not inside it. You just need to be close to it. If there is no near car (without driver), then the last used car will be saved as your car.

4. How to use:
There's two keys for this script:
- lock/unlock car (by default it's "N", can be changed)
- save car (by default it's "Z", can be changed)

And there is two additional key commands:
- panic mode (SHIFT + lock/unlock key)
- unsave car (SHIFT + save car key)

They keys can be changed in the CarSecuritySettings application.
I recommend using the application instead of editing the CarSecurity.ini file, because editing CarSecurity.ini file wrongly may lead the script to fail to use your settings.
If you still want to edit it instead, and you broke it somehow (or you accidentally deleted it), just start the settings app and it will recreate a valid working CarSecurity.ini file for you.

So, how to use the script? You just walk to the car which you want, press Z, then that car will be yours (no alarm, no door lock). Then you can control it's alarm/doors instantly with the N key. You don't need to be inside in it.
Also if you make a car yours, the script will hold your vehicle in memory, so it won't dissappear if you go far from it, or using another vehicle, or anything.

To enable panic mode, just press SHIFT+N. The alarm will turn on no matter what. You can disable alarm just like in real life, with the N key.

To unsave a car, press SHIFT+Z. This will remove the blip from the map, and you can no longer control it's alarm and doors.

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Alarm Mod (Car Security)
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