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Police Enhancement V8

Autor: Sgautam | Email
Datum: 14.10.2020
Downloads: 8351 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 17.52 KB

7.40 bei 10 Bewertungen

A new mod which will change your gameplay, Police spawn method, helicopter, and more things,

If you put a weapon in Episodic_23 as a rifle then they will use in helicopter, if added a sniper and added as rifle then good.

All the Police is now a bad ass Equipped with assault rifle, smg, so don't mess with them.

In the new version, now at wanted level 5 a new helicopter will join, means total of 3 Helicopter, at 6 star total of 4 Helicopter.

If all are destroyed then all four will come to burn your ass.

There is an configuration file, with default settings.

There at last weapon ID are given
Use them to give whatever you want to give police.

There are 5 random slot, 1 for police, 2 for special forces(noose,army,merry weather).

Use Zolika Patch for increased limits of spawning.

If you have DLC addon in IV then more badass police.
DLC vehicles used:
Buzzard, APC, Brickade, Police Buffalo, Police Stinger, Police Bike, Police Cruiser (Wrecked), Prison Bus.

Stock Vehicles Used:
Police Stainer, Police Merit, NOOSE Stainer, Police Stockade, NOOSE Stockade, Security Stockade (change CIVMALE to COP for m_m_armoured, m_m_securityman inside peds.ide, and add flag +policeofficer in pedpersonality.dat for those models too).

If your m_m_gunnut_01 is modified as police or army then good but they never spawn, so change in ini file.

New V8 update:
Added more shit like cop/noose/fib/army models and new weapons (the addon weapon in zolikapatch)

every gun has been given a I'd in game so
0 is used for unarmed and 57 is used for anymelee so 58 is used as AddonWeapon_1, 59 for addonweapon_2 and so on.


Ini is self generating.

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Police Enhancement V8
Police Enhancement V8 Police Enhancement V8 Police Enhancement V8

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