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Autor: ItsClonkAndre
Datum: 08.09.2020
Downloads: 8075 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 1.544 MB

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ChaosModIV is a mod where all pedestrians fight each other! (Also you if you have activated it)

To start the mod press: CONTROL + B
The best location for a fight is in hove beach.
Or on Alderney City.

This mod is inspired from the GTA San Andres cheat "BGLUAWML" and "STATEOFEMERGENCY" where all pedestrians fight/shoot each other.

You can customize this mod just as you like! For example: Will the peds do drivebys or if there will be random explosions around the player.

Here is a list of help for each setting in the ini file:
Interval: This sets the speed of the mod. (Default 1000 = 1 Second)
MaxFightingPeds: This sets the maximum amount of peds allowed to fight at once. (Default 50)
MaxPoliceCars: This sets the amount of how many script police cars can spawn at once. (Only for this mod not for gta iv itself)
MaxRangeBeforePedsWillDespawn: Currently fighting peds will despawn if they are out of range. (Default 120.0)
DeadPedsWillDisappear: Sets if you kill a ped that this ped should instantly disappear. (Default false)
EnableRandomExplosions: Enable or disable random explosions around the player.
ExplosionRange: This sets the distance of the explosion from the player. (Default 40.0)
EnablePoliceHelicopter [ALPHA]: Spawns police helicopter at the players location and shoots at enemies. (Default false)
EnableExtraPoliceCars [BETA]: Spawns police/noose cars around the players location and drives to the player and shoots at enemies. (Default false)
EnableKillFrenzys: This enables the new challenges.
- FightingPedOptions -
I think these are self-explanatory ;)
- PedWeapons -
Should be self-explanatory too ^^

All random categorys:
What the random does: The random generated a random number between to numbers. Example: from 0 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) the random number is 3
Minimum: Sets the minimum value for the new random.
Maximum: Sets the maximum value for the new random.

- RExplosionsRandom -
TriggerAt: This triggers a random explosion if the random from minimum to maximum equals to TriggerAt value. Example: from 0 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) if the random number is 3 (TriggerAt) then explosion.

- PoliceCarsRandom -
SpawnAt: This spawns a cop car if the random from minimum to maximum equals to SpawnAt value. Example: from 0 (minimum) to 10 (maximum) if the random number is 3 (SpawnAt) then explosion.

Version history
Version 1.2.2 Beta
- Added option to choose if the peds will despawn if killed or not. (Default is false)
Version 1.2.1 Beta
- Bugfix
Version 1.2 Beta
- Added the ability to choose wich weapons the peds can have (If AllPedsHaveWeapons is set to true)
Version 1.1 Beta
- Added challenges! (Kill Frenzys from GTA 2)
Version 1.0 Beta
- release

Known bugs:
- Not all peds will despawn if mod gets deactivated
- Police helicopters will not despawn and will just fly around if the target it was created for was killed.
- Police cars could exceed the MaxPoliceCars value.
- Police cars dont despawn.
- Police officers will also not despawn.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Get the highest score from the "Most peds kill frenzy's" and post your highscore here! No cheating ;)

If you have any suggestions, just tell me :)

ChaosModIV is not a copy of the existing ChaosIV mod here on ChaosModIV focusses more on the fight aspect rather then on completely random events.

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