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Waypoint Distance VStyle

Autor: ItsClonkAndre
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Datum: 04.09.2020
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Waypoint Distance VStyle Version 1.5
This mod will show you the distance from your position, to the waypoint you set. It also shows an arrow always in the direction of your waypoint. Like in GTA V ;)

All settings can be changed using the WaypointDistanceVStyle.ini file

Version history:

  • Version 1.5

- The text is now more flat.
- You can decide if you want the text to have a shadow behind it. And you can set the size of the shadow too.
- You can decide if the text should be bold.
- "UseAutoPosition" added. This option automatically adapts the text to the current screen resolution so you dont have to type in the values manually if you dont have a 1920x1080 monitor. You can use those 2 values: TextPosX and TextPosY as an offset for the text (Only works if you set "UseAutoPosition" to true.). If you set "UseAutoPosition" to false, those 2 values become the position of the text. UseAutoPosition is set to true by default.
- Support for Zolika's Menu V Radar's!
- "AutoEnableWhenZMenuIsInstalled" added. This option will check if you have the ZolikaMenu installed. If you have it installed, the text will change its position to fit the V Radar.
- "EnableDisableKey" added. This will let you change from V Radar text style to default text style. Default key: F8
- "RadarStyle" added. In the ZolikaMenu you have 3 options for the V Radar: Beta, LG and NG. If you want to use "LG", then you need to set the value of this option to "LG", this also applies for the 2 other styles. Default value: NG

  • Version 1.2

- You can now choose a custom font for the text.
- You can now choose the font size for the text.
- You can enable "UseEpisodeTextColor" to enable episode color for the text. (You can see an example on the image)
- The position of the text can now be changed.

  • Version 1.1

- The text will now hide if the hud is disabled in the options.

  • Version 1.0

- Release

Known bugs:
- The arrow doesn't always point in the right direction.

If you have any suggestions, just tell me :)

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Waypoint Distance VStyle
Waypoint Distance VStyle Waypoint Distance VStyle

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