HD Textures | Outlook Park

Autor: DayL
Datum: 22.12.2018
Downloads: 9256 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 94.872 MB

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This is a mod that i made years ago. It was taken down because GTA4-Mods website doesn't exist anymore (Not like in the good old days). Most textures are 1024x1024. Work's great with ENB and vanilla shaders.

-Replaces almost every texture in the Outlook Park and some around the park (Like this garage area on screenshots). You can find the park in Broker.

-Installation: Just move the "pc" folder in your GTAIV main folder.

Update 22.12.2018:
-Reduced grass color
-Improved park pathway texture with leaves
-Improved garage area textures
-Fixed some texture flickering
-Compatibility with vanilla shaders and ENB

Update 24.03.2019:
-Better lods
-Different tunnel texture
-Pathway texture improvement
-More improved textures
-Restored billboards to default (Used another mod in development of this mod but its fixed now lol)

Update 13.02.2020:
-Restored a lod billboard texture to default (It was a different one from another modification. Finally completely fixed now.)
-Higher quality Outlook Park signs around the park
-Added alternative more map details like more vegetation, food stands, benches and more around the whole park

Update 29.02.2020:
-2x upscaled texture resolution for more default textures
-Restored garage area textures to default but the resolution is 2x upscaled
-Improved park path's textures
-Added superlod textures (lod transitions are perfect now)

Update 12.03.2020:
-Fixed some way too reflective textures at rainy/thunder weather
-Improved normal map and specular map shader values for ground textures
-Added normal maps to some default textures for more details
-Other small texture improvements

Update 17.05.2020:
-Added parallax shader for grass and stone pavement

Update 08.06.2020:
-Slightly increased parallax effect for the grass texture
-Updated normal and specular map textures for park hut roof

Update 19.10.2020:
-Updated grass parallax texture

Update 04.12.2020:
-Added parallax shader for the bridge tunnel cobble stone texture
-Improved shader values and normal/specular maps for park path and grass texture
-Restored 24/7 Supermarket textures (It was a 7/11 real life texture before by my mistake, sorry)
-Grass s-lod texture has been adjusted in color to the new grass texture from the last update

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HD Textures | Outlook Park
HD Textures | Outlook Park HD Textures | Outlook Park HD Textures | Outlook Park HD Textures | Outlook Park HD Textures | Outlook Park HD Textures | Outlook Park HD Textures | Outlook Park

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