My Realistic Weapon Mod v5

Autor: Naruto 607
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Datum: 24.08.2017
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This is one of my personally created weapon data mod to increase world realism. I've been developing it using the basis of people's other works, so... all thanks go to them.

Proposal of the release was at GTAGaming, but it was unfortunate that it has been closed down (but archives there still exists).

As said by the title, this mod is a new version of Realistic Weapon Mod that increases both efficiency and real-life counterparts based from other modders’ work as a reference. Here you can enjoy the all-new weapon data mod that gives the game a real look, similar to the Counter Strike: Global Offensive game.

Further improved realistic weapon data and all changes based from v4.21 of same mod
Adjusted every weapon’s clip size to match the CS:GO game (such as P90 with 2 mags max)
Using many realistic weapon data mods published over the internet as a reference
Better spread and accuracy for each weapon
Very minimum rocket “slides”, giving it a Call of Duty look
Various version of AA-12 shotgun available, starting from vanilla TBoGT to a Hollywood-style
Better damage for each weapon on default pedpersonality.dat – for example: a shot of Desert Eagle can kill a man instantly instead of KO (down, but can get back up)
TBoGT Pistol .44 have damage and force stats similar to Combat Pistol .50AE
Advanced Sniper (TBoGT) now have armor penetration (More Realistic ver., with more damage output - .338 is more powerful than .308)
TBoGT’s Combat Pistol now have capability to use .38 Special rounds (as a selectable option)
Easy Installation
Many options available, such as having the Carbine Rifle to use .223 caliber
Every weapon, when dropped on the street or a “hidden pickup” found at alleyways (for example), now have ammo matched to the clip size like MW2 or MW3, no longer in 2 or 3 times clip capacity (unless you use Pickups mod by InfamousSabre)
[NEW] Combat Pistol now have capability to use .44 Magnum rounds
[NEW] TBoGT's Combat Pistol now have capability to use .44 Special rounds

Preview video coming soon.

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My Realistic Weapon Mod v5
My Realistic Weapon Mod v5 My Realistic Weapon Mod v5 My Realistic Weapon Mod v5 My Realistic Weapon Mod v5 My Realistic Weapon Mod v5 My Realistic Weapon Mod v5

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