Irish Number Plates

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Are you playing as the Garda? Tired of pulling over cars with the same-old American-style "LIBERTY" number plates? Want more realism (and god damn satisfying plates) in your Irish playthroughs? Well, look no further!

Hi, Billy Mays...sorry, Hullian111 here with a brand new chapter for my modding career - I will begin modding for Irish things, and upload more emergency things on LCPDFR! (If you are familiar with my Met mods, you'll know how to find me)

Enough of that, this is the beginning of a new era, bla bla, this mod replaces the number plates of vehicles that uses GTA IV's 'vehshare.wtd' (if plates are included as their own generic_detail, or are standalone altogether, you'll have to add these yourself) to Irish number plates from the fictional county of 'Chathair na Saoirse' - 'City of Liberty' in Irish. However, requests are open if you want your Irish county represented in-game - all it takes is a quick text edit.

These plates follow all-new, current-year Irish regulations. Personally, I'm not too sure if I should make these 2008 plates, but since most Garda vehicles on here are from 2010, may as well. I'll probably update this to add variants.

Note that these WILL NOT be varied, a-la GTA V. Someone should seriously figure out how to do that. Anyway, enjoy my mod, and don't redistribute without my permission!

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Irish Number Plates

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