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IVMB Replay (Carrec tool) v3.6

Autor: iriedreadlock23
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Datum: 21.04.2017
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Back in 2011, i released similar mod on GTA Garage. However, while i was developing MemBiter tool, i decided to write a completely new, better performing car recording mod to showcase some of Membiter features. And here it is, a brand new IVMB Replay tool for recording all kinds of vehicle paths (boats, planes, helicopters, cars and bikes), and replaying them with up to 50 drivers.

Create unique racing experience, mission or machinima. With native (*.rrr") vehicle path record and playback support, it's now possible to store almost unlimited number of vehicles recordings and play them simultaneously with almost no impact on performance. The best of all is that it allows you to store recordings on your hdd (outside carrec.img), and load them on the fly.

What's under the hood:

- Native GTA IV (*.rrr) vehicle recording support
- Live loading of RRR files directly from HDD to game engine
- Can record and replay any vehicle path
- Includes ingame handling editor
- Includes ingame timecycle modifier editor
- Simple menu system for quick navigation
- Multiple custom camera modes

This version doesn't include Projected textures as featured in video.
I will upload those files as separate mod.


Copy MemBiter.dll to your game folder
Copy scripts\ folder and all it's contents
to your game folder. Make sure that you have
\scripts\mbreplay\ folder where it should be.

Supported GTA versions:

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IVMB Replay (Carrec tool) v3.6
IVMB Replay (Carrec tool) v3.6 IVMB Replay (Carrec tool) v3.6 IVMB Replay (Carrec tool) v3.6 IVMB Replay (Carrec tool) v3.6 IVMB Replay (Carrec tool) v3.6 IVMB Replay (Carrec tool) v3.6

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