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Skyline Timecyc 1.1

Autor: Sborges98
Datum: 03.03.2017
Downloads: 4793
Dateigröße: 8.136 MB

9.67 bei 3 Bewertungen

Outdated, look for "Skyline Timecyc 1.2".

- Fixed overexposed sources of light.
- Fixed overexposed lights in some cutscenes.
- Fixed some interiors with very low values of "Gama Far".
- Fixed low values of "Far Clip" (a kind of Draw Distance) in Star Junction.
- Fixed a illumination problem in the Cutscene "A Long Way to Fall".
- Fixed a illumination problem in the Cutscene "Pegorinos pride".
- Fixed a illumination problem in the top floor of the "Governor Greg Johnson Houses".
- Fixed the coronas of the Foggy weather and Lightning weather.
- Fixed the colorful fog of the Foggy wheater.
- Fixed some colorful clouds.
- Fixed some problems in the movement of the clouds.
- Adjusted "glow lights size" to 1.0 in all climates.
- Adjusted the brightness of the coronas in all climates.
- Re enabled the visibility of the shadows inside of some interiors.
- Re enabled the reflections in the entry of the sex shops.
- Re enabled sun light in some interiors.
- Improved the sun including sunsets and sunrises.
- Improved lightning.
- Improved shadows.
- Improved water reflection.
- Improved water color.
- Improved clouds appearence.
- Improved night clouds.
- Improved "Ambient color".
- Decreased values of "Dark Shadows" (details are more visible now).
- Removed color correction from the cutscenes.
- Removed the yellow tone of the day and substituted with a neutral tone.
- Removed the "oil effect" of the characters in climates that are not rainy.
- Added new splashes of water and rain drops.

*Includes a Timecyc Modifiers guide with all the parameters I've discovered so far, and what each one affects.

Forgive me for any spelling errors, the English is not my language.

Any bugs or problems feel free to share!

Credits: MysTer92 (Edit IV) and Open IV.

Update 12/06/17: Fixed a problem in "Star Junction".

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Skyline Timecyc 1.1
Skyline Timecyc 1.1 Skyline Timecyc 1.1 Skyline Timecyc 1.1 Skyline Timecyc 1.1 Skyline Timecyc 1.1 Skyline Timecyc 1.1 Skyline Timecyc 1.1

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