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GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V v3.0

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Datum: 19.01.2017
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GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V Version 3.0

Work only with the updates and

I'm pretty sure that this will be the final version. I fixed/improved everytning that will make IV to look
like GTA V (vanilla version). After many tests, sleepless hours, comparisons between IV and V,
I felt that it's my duty, to share this version with you!!!

-GTA V Visuality: careful attention to all hours and weathers.
-Feeling of summer heat.
-If the Graphics Settings are maxed out the games will looks like the Current Gen.
-Turn off Night Shadows!!!
-No more harsh bloom, now the game use enb/icenhancer bloom effect!
-Volumetric sunlight, God Rays effect!
-Ambient occlusion SSAO_SSIL!
-V style clouds!
-V style el.light coronas with moving rays!
-Wet effect on the character and peds during rainy weathers!
-Ambient light around buildings during nights!
-Read the ReadMe.txt!!!

Version 3.0:

-Overall visuality improvements.
-Improved/fixed Clouds.
-Improved/fixed Ambient occlusion SSAO_SSIL: exterior and interior.
-Improved/fixed God Rays(Sun Shafts): now the rays follow the sun position not the camera movements and position.
-Many, many... fixes!

Improvements v2.6:

-Improved/fixed sunlight system.
-Improved/fixed fog, fog intensity, colors... .
-Improved/fixed clouds.
-Improved/fixed rainy nights, light system, light coronas, fog... .
-Improved/fixed horizon and sky colors.
-Many small fixes!

Credits/Special Thanks:
-Rockstar Games!!!
-Boris, and ICEleGlace: For ENB Series/ICEnhancer!!!
-Dax: For the shaders fix on patch!!!
-MysTer92: For the Amazing Edit IV tool!!!
-nkjellman: For fixing of traffic lights, TBoGT car lights!!!

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GTA IV/EFLC Los Santos Weather V v3.0

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