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Bucky Sligo House Restored

Datum: 13.12.2015
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Mod : Bucky Sligo house restored
Game : GTA IV
Autor: RYANCQQPER in collaboration with Kubo

Hello everyone...Im RYANCQQPER and i present to you GTA IV Bucky Sligo house restored.
Before i start i want to make special thanks to Kubo that has followed my project and help me every time
i had problems , he even made some texture and a new bathtub for the house.

Here a list of what was done to the house :
1. Outside :
- New house look (no more : graffiti; wooden planks; plants over the house)
- New doorframe and changed door texture
- Deleted the old garage and added a new one enterable
- Added a little ramp for garage and ramp colision
- Added new collision for the new garage
- Cleaned the rubbish around the house
- Cut the grass
- Edited the stairs and fixed a bug that RockStar left behind

2. Inside :
- Deleted all wooden planks
- Cleaned the rubbish
- Killed the cookroaches
- Added a bathroom
- Added a bedroom
- New texture
- New posters and changed their position
- Added curtains to every window
- Fixed an broken skirting , an crack in the wall , the original lamp on the stairs
- Added new ceil lights as decoration
- Decorated the rest of the house with objects
- No more Radio , only peace and quite

If i miss something you will find it when you test the house :)

How to install :

Important before replace stuff make backup

You need Open IV or Spark , open one of them and in edit mode go to pc/data/maps:
- GENERIC and replace procobj.img
- INTERIOR/GENERIC and replace public_2.ide
After open public_2.img and replace : - chase.wbd
- chase_lamp_flash
- chase_props3
- lev6_chase.wtd
- lev6_chase_details
- lev_chase_floor
- lev_chase_h_lod
- lev_chase_house
- lev_chase_txd_lod.wtd
- lev_chasestr

- JERSEY replace nj_xref.ide
After open nj_01.img and replace : - nj_01_12.wbn
- nj01_09_alpha
- nj_18.wtd
- nj01_bigwhitehouse
- nj1land09

- PROPS/DOORS open ext_door.img and replace cj_ext_door_1
- PROPS/RESIDENTIAL open bathroom.img and replace : - bm_bathtub
- cj_med_toilet2
- PROPS/RESIDENTIAL open dinning.img and replace : - bm_table10
- PROPS/ROADSIDE and replace : - bins.ide
- rubbish.img

This last one replace is for the front and back doors to make them open .
Because they open only during the mission SMACKDOWN for Derrick Mcrearry so go in :
- GTAIV/common/data/cdimages and replace script.img

Now the doors will be permanent open after you complete the mission and kill Bucky Sligo , before that mission
you will have to enter in house with SIMPLE NATIVE TRAINER option got tru doors .
Is like real life ,Bucky is still alive and he lock the doors of his house :))

There is an way to unlock doors from start of the game thanks to simple native trainer :
- go to mission help/mission select menu/derric mcrearry/smackdown
- complete the mission and you will have doors permanent unlocked
I don't know if this can cause problem for the story game.

- I find a bug after replacing script.img, Brucie's garage door dissapear but now you can get inside
of his garage :)
- Bamboo plant pot doesnt have collision because is from cut scene
- In kitchen the cooker fall down if you touch it.


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Bucky Sligo House Restored
Bucky Sligo House Restored Bucky Sligo House Restored Bucky Sligo House Restored

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