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Illegal Street Drifting Track

Autor: Carrythxd
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Datum: 03.04.2011
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Dateigröße: 2.574 MB

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- Track have 499 objects
- Located in South Alqonguin
- Track have:
- Jumps
- Building Site visit (Yes I know, Drifting on Building Site, not very like Drifting. More like Offroading :D)
- Finish line have couple spot Lights
- Highway part
- And more...

If you want that I do some track say it on comments or send me message to or to YouTube (Carrythxd). Please report if there is any bug or something that I can make V2 version of this track. If you want to add this to some other modding site just send me message to YouTube (Carrythxd) or to Then last thing is that if you want to race or drive this with your friend give this file to him and when he and you load it to the game both see it.I have been making this track for long time and I'm sorry that those some objects go of the ground when you load them =( It's again one of these problems when you make track.
Please be patient when you load this track. It might take pretty much time coz it have 500 objects so please be patient
Download Link For That Mazda:

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Illegal Street Drifting Track

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