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New Bridge to Alderney/Alqonguin V2

Autor: Carrythxd
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Datum: 24.12.2010
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Bridge have 70 objects and it's located in Alqonguin, near the parking hall, or in the Alderney near Niko's Alderney Safe House. Bridge is good way to get fast to Alderney or to Alqonguin if you don't want to use public roads, boats can go under the bridge so they won't get stuck to the bridge. Bridge is good way to lose cops or some players if you play without Blips, and what is good thing too is that this Bridge loads very fast, so it's very fast to load and to delete. I think that now you can drive very fast on this bridge! Coz I added new lane to this so now it have left and right lane to Alderney or to Alqonguin. Please Report to me if there is any bug or some mistake. Of if you just wanna ask me something, just ask it in Comments or send me message to YouTube (Carrythxd) or to

V2 Changes:
- New Lane to Alqonguin/Alderney (what helps you if you always drop to water.)

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New Bridge to Alderney/Alqonguin V2

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