GTA 4: Helis

GTA V Frogger Updated

Autor: Algonquin Hood & tall70
Datum: 08.09.2014
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Just few changes i prefer to have on this helicopter converted originally by Algonquin Hood. Changes are made to use this as 4 seat TOURMAV.

Rear doors are sliding now, added lights, spinning rear rotor and paintable strip was added.

there are all kinds of little changes which are not visible too much. L2 was adjusted to match closer, passengers entry and more. Dashboard lights i adjusted for my enb, if you need more intensity, just make texture "maverick_interior EM" less transparent.

Bugs: rear doors open on one side only, would lean heli sideways little and while you turning with opened doors they move,--- if somebody knows how to make doors spring stiffer or do anything to stop that from happening feel free to advice. Removing rear doors collisions does fix it, but you loose slow opening motion and glass wont break anymore.

Change HANDLING if heli is not sitting correctly on land. You have to change IDE to get proper sitting positions and animations. Colors are just something i like, use it , or change it as you please.

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GTA V Frogger Updated
GTA V Frogger Updated GTA V Frogger Updated GTA V Frogger Updated

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