GTA V Dinka Jester

Autor: JoeVK
Datum: 02.08.2016
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I did this one mainly because I was bored, but also because I wanted to do a sports car. It was intended to be just a quick convert with no extras, but, as usual with me, it ended up a full-blown project. Two versions are included. I used the Racing Jester from the Festive Surprise update for both versions.

Stock Version
-Metallic flip-flop effect paint typical of the other high-end IV cars.
-Carbon fiber body kit, roll cage, and carbon fiber rear diffuser extras.
-Two rear wing extras. One painted, the other carbon fiber.
-Chrome lipped wheels with colorable centers.

Racing Version
-Standard paint with liveries. The original livery from V was used, so any made for V's Racing Jester works too.
-Four body kit extras made from the V tuning parts, ranging from mostly stock to full-on racing.
-All four V tuning wings as extras.
-Fully colorable wheels.
-Rear window replaced by painted panel with carbon fiber vents.

The racing version sometimes spawns without one of the "body kit" extras, which results in a hole in the front of the body. Not a huge deal, since a trainer can be used to take care of that. Also, the yellow livery doesn't quite match any of the yellow carcols colors, so if you have yellow wheels and the yellow livery, they don't match. I spent hours trying to get it right, but ultimately gave up.

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GTA V Dinka Jester
GTA V Dinka Jester GTA V Dinka Jester GTA V Dinka Jester GTA V Dinka Jester GTA V Dinka Jester GTA V Dinka Jester GTA V Dinka Jester

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