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Dodge Durango 1998

Autor: Lazlow, Occupant
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Datum: 10.11.2012
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* This model was modeled from scratch by Lazlow *
* This model was commissioned by Alan Moore *

This is a model for use in-game of my wife's truck, a 2000 Dodge Durango Sport. This is a 2 wheel drive truck with a V8 engine and 6 passenger seating. Of course in the game, it seats 4 people. Lazlow spent a lot of time making this one just right, from photographs I provided of the truck I have.

CARCOLS, HANDLING, and VEHICLES lines are included and highly recommended. The Habanero is the truck this Durango can replace. The DurangoReadMe file contains these three lines and they may be entered as-is. I made sure the colors match up and the handling makes it feel like my wife's very own truck. It takes a lot to roll it over, but it IS possible. Engine sounds are set as Vigero since it sounds as close to a 318 as I can imagine. Of course you can change those things when you put it in your game.

I hope everyone who tries it enjoys it!

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Dodge Durango 1998

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