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Mercedes-Benz GL450 Brabus (Black Edition)

Autor: The_Ripper, Baikal, Crime, Chi47
Datum: 02.04.2012
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Dateigröße: 4.274 MB

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- Used all the main features of the engine
- Realistic dirt and paint
- All the passangers are sitting in the right places
- Detailed study interior, engine and other parts of the car
- Convenient camera/sight
- There is a lighting instrument panel monitor in the center console and all the buttons in the cabin
- Carbon inserts in the interior of the vehicle
- Working suspension elements
- The correct drive for a broken lid (effect burnout)
- Correct collision
- It is possible to paint the wheels of the second color
- There are door holders / loop
- Simultaneously, the lights are functioning daylight / front turn signals in front bumper
- LED taillights
- There are a few extras:
1-Radiator grill
4-Liberty City license plate
5-Angel Eyes and LED lights at the bottom of the rapids cars (including "taxi lights on / off" in the native trainer)
8-The license plate "Brabus"
9-Cilia on the headlights

Authors of the model and convert to SA: The_Ripper, Baikal
Conversion, upgrading and debugging: Crime & Chi47

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Mercedes-Benz GL450 Brabus (Black Edition)

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