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Annis Savestra

Autor: dirprof, Thundersmacker
Datum: 19.01.2024
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From the GTA Online Doomsday Heist update, the Annis Savestra is finally available for the streets of Liberty City!

Two versions are available, a stock base model with stock fenders and stock parts made by dirprof, and the original widebody tuned version.

Stock version:

The stock version will spawn in two different variants, a stock variant with chrome bumpers and grill. Or a "Sport" variant with a chin spoiler and black plastic bumpers and grill based on the Mazda RX-3 SP.

If you prefer to have only the Stock parts or the Sport parts appear, there are optional files included for that and have there own exclusive extras. This is also a way to separate the variants to have their own data lines and sounds.

Custom liveries made by dirprof are also included with the car, and a template is included if you want to make your own.

Tuned version (original GTA V version):

As with the stock version, the tuned version also has different styles of grills and bumpers that will appear.

The livery mapping from V has been preserved and any liveries made for the GTA V version should work on this one.

Some of the liveries are included with the car, and the others from GTA V are included in a separate folder that can be added using OpenIV.

All versions now have an accurately modeled rotary engine.

All versions have proper LOD's.


Original model by Rockstar Games.

Original V PC Files provided by Claude_Lib.

Thanks to DK22Pac for the YFT to DFF Converter.

Stock version model, edits, and liveries created by dirprof.

Converted to GTA IV by Thundersmacker.

Other car parts and etc. from GTA IV and GTA V cars by Rockstar Games.

Handling lines used for the mod originally created by Killatomate.

Thanks to GCT and Unbid for testing.


You can replace any vehicle with the Savestra. Though it would be recommended to add it rather than replace another car.


None that I know of.

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Annis Savestra
Annis Savestra Annis Savestra Annis Savestra Annis Savestra Annis Savestra Annis Savestra Annis Savestra

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