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Bravado Vulture

Autor: Vanillaworks, Thundersmacker
Datum: 29.04.2023
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Dateigröße: 4.744 MB

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Hard Charger.


Experience the raw power of the Vanillaworks Bravado Vulture, now available to rip up the streets of Liberty City!

A mod that was long in the making. I always wanted a proper lore-friendly B-Body Mopar muscle car for IV. When the GTA V version finally released, I knew it had to come to IV as well.

The original mod was very good, but there were some things I did want to improve upon for my version.

I changed the door window to look more proper with a "wing vent" that has a full chrome frame.

I modified the interior slightly by taking the interior from my Gauntlet Classic port and putting it into the Vulture, with the very 70's pistol grip shifter!

The car will spawn with 2 different trims, one is the base that has no trim with the option of a sporty rear spoiler.

And the other is the "A/C" trim that has chrome trim on the fenders, A/C logos, and the option for a colorable vinyl top.

I've also added a colorable "bumblebee" stripe to the rear the car, that depending on the trim will have the "BRAVADO" logo or the "A/C" logo.

There are four different hoods available as extras that will spawn randomly, all with cool little details.

You also have three different choices of wheels, and different options for tires as well. Refer to the folders to see images of each option.

Features proper LOD's.


Original GTA V mod credits:

SilentSoul21 - design sketch
deadman23 - original model
Boywond - model rework
NightinGery - commissioner, handling data
Da7K - original port
Bob322 - porting fixes & additional fixes
Dani02 - glass shards setup, suspension rig, data setup, assembly, QA
Bondergomme - additional data fixes
Skysder - carcols data
LamboFreak - custom sounds
Daerius - Vented Hood
Smukkeunger - Cutout Hood
RooST4R - miscallaneous fixes

GTA IV mod credits:

Model optimized for GTA IV by GCT.

Porting, LODs, and extra model work by Thundersmacker.

Rally wheels from CSR Classics by Boss Alien Ltd and Mad Atom Games, ported by GCT.

The base wheels used for the painted steel wheels originally created by GCT.

White letter tire textures made by RooST4R and ItsJustCurtis.

Chrome fender trim extras made by daerius.

Body side vents created by Sirocc.

A/C logo by SilentSoul21.

Other car parts and etc. from GTA IV and GTA V cars by Rockstar Games.

Shout out to JoeVK for the colorable badges tutorial.

Thanks to the Warehouse and Vanillaworks Discord servers for feedback and support.

Thanks to GCT for testing.


From some angles the rear logos can be seen when the car is a solid color. This bug is also present on the vanilla Sabre GT and Ruiner.

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Bravado Vulture
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