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Chevrolet Impala LCPD '03 [1.1]

Autor: Schaefft, retarded_chicken
Datum: 22.09.2021
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Dateigröße: 14.731 MB

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Chevrolet Impala LCPD '03 [1.1]

Scratchmade by Schaefft
Converted to GTA IV by BubLik
Improvements and rework by retarded_chicken

Steel wheel by Carface80, remodeled by retarded_chicken
GoRhino Wraparound by Carper, Bozza
NYPD Pushbar by Bxbugs123
Setina BodyGuard by deco
Whelen Edge by F5544, Lt.Caine, remodeled by retarded_chicken
Laptop by 11john11
Some stickers by Oldsmobile_85
Sticker model 'R134a' by Shady311
Front brake supports by Trall
Spotlight by unknown, fixed and remapped by retarded_chicken
Template by retarded_chicken
Model is Non-ELS

Thanks to binary_animal for helping find a good pic of 'R134a' sticker
Special thanks to Shady311 for tips and guidance

I'm sorry if I didn't mention someone whose components are used in the model.

- Supports all functions of the game
- Restored door/boot/trunk physics
- Custom camera
- Custom lights
- Custom collision
- Custom settings
- Custom LODs
- Several extras
- Hands on steering wheel, all passengers are sit correctly
- Interior lighting
- Supports the working steeringwheel and shaking exhaust from ZolikaPatch
- Model is fully adapted to Police2

- New tire model, improved disk model
- New brake supports and disks
- Fixed some mesh issues
- Added new spotlight
- Added kinda pre-AO on vertex layer
- Added additional .wtd with compressed textures
- Added support for the working steeringwheel and shaking exhaust from ZolikaPatch

In 'extras' folder you'll find compressed .wtd (in case if you have some perfomance issue)

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Chevrolet Impala LCPD '03 [1.1]
Chevrolet Impala LCPD '03 [1.1] Chevrolet Impala LCPD '03 [1.1] Chevrolet Impala LCPD '03 [1.1] Chevrolet Impala LCPD '03 [1.1]

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