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Pfister 711

Autor: Vanillaworks, Thundersmacker
Datum: 29.01.2021
Downloads: 3567 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 5.508 MB

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The King of Cool.


Unleash the beast of the 711 on the streets of Liberty City with this conversion of the Vanillaworks GTA V mod!

This is a mostly striaght convert of the original GTA V mod, with some slight changes to better fit GTA IV.

A new L0 model was made from the high detail model from GTA V, with the model now being around 35k polys.

A new interior has been created with a less accurate left hand drive configuration due to the animation limitations.

Optional extras include the winglets and center wing seen on the real 917K.

Liverys are available in two sets, refer to the individual folders for info on which livery is in which set.

Features proper LOD's.


Below is the credit list for the original GTA V mod.

Da7K - original model, textures, handling, custom engine sounds
Carrythxd - add-on assembly
Cataleast - data assembly
grmpls - handling
Dani02- suspension rigging, custom glass shard setup
MyCrystals! - description
Tom (Chompette) - design sketch

Livery credits:

Smukkeunger - Device, Livermore, Arrow, Atomic, Pixtro, Green Racer, Bishop's Chicken, Al's, Stronzo, Sprunk x Fukaru, Dude, Globe Oil, RON II, Pfister Race Stripes
Daerius - Augury Insurance, RON, Brand 69, Cover Up, Air Herler, Pink Stripes, Jakey's Lager
Will Have Had - Pfister Speed, Schlongberg Sachs, Kabel, Pisswasser
Tom (Chompette) - Schwein
iambennyboy - Demonoil, Numbers, Chihuahua Hotdogs
NightinGery - Hawaiian Snow
Boywond - Strassenversion

Converted to GTA IV and edited by Thundersmacker.

Other car parts and etc. used for the GTA IV convert are from GTA IV and GTA V cars by Rockstar Games.

Thanks to Unbid, TheMadeMan, and GCT for testing.


You can replace any 2-door vehicle with the 711. Though it would be recommended to add it rather than replace another car.


There is some animation clipping and awkwardness with drive-bys and the enter and exit animations.

Use the optional animation fix file included to reduce the clipping seen when crashing the car.

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Pfister 711
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