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2017 NIO ep9 v2.0

Autor: HALU | Email
Datum: 06.07.2019
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Dateigröße: 14.606 MB

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2017 NIO ep9 by HALU
Base Model from Miracing
Ripped By Taruncreation
HQ Parts from CSR Racing2,Assetto Corsa,Forza Horizon 3,Gran Turismo Sport,Real Racing3.
Some Textures from Forza Horizon 3,Assetto Corsa,Real Racing3.
Convert to IV by HALU
Retextured by HALU
Model improved by HALU
Test by HALU
Pics by HALU
Changelogs v2.0
- New rims and New tires(thanks to yanfenglenfan for the new rims model,thanks to NikeblockLibertyWalk for the new tire texture)
- Fix some BUGs
- Retexture the rear grille
- Add some details
Features :
- High poly exterior and mid poly interior.
- Great Rendering Body , Rims and Chrome Parts.
- Fast and Controllable handling data.
- Only contains LOD0.
- Custom colission models.
- All Lights working.
- All Parts opening.
- Support PJ.
- Template Included in zip for creating own PJs.
- Dirt appears on Body and Windows.
- Only 1 colour supports.
- Working spoiler (Needs EPM script to use it).
- Working steering wheel (Needs RIV script to use it).
- Working suspensions.
- Real-time reflections on chrome parts.
- Compatible with the old vehshare.wtd.

- Color1:Body

File size:
- Wft : 2.3 MB
- Wtd : 4.1 MB
- Racetrack Rims wft:2.0 MB
- Michelin Tires wtd:4.2 MB
- Template : 16.0 MB
- EPM preview.gif : 1.5 MB
- [一定要看]中文说明.txt : 2.1 KB
- [ENG]READ ME!!!.txt : 1.9 KB

It's welcomed if you want to upload to other sites but remember to name me.
I hope you enjoy it.

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2017 NIO ep9 v2.0
2017 NIO ep9 v2.0 2017 NIO ep9 v2.0 2017 NIO ep9 v2.0 2017 NIO ep9 v2.0 2017 NIO ep9 v2.0 2017 NIO ep9 v2.0

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