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NYPD Liveries for Vanilla Cop Cars

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This is liveries for the vanilla cop cars. The liveries all write NYPD to resemble real New York cop cars. The text is made with photoshop and is made to be exactly the same size and font as the original LCPD text. Every little pixel has the detail to it. Everything is clean, very easy to install and perfect for New York in GTA IV. This can be used in GTA IV and EFLC. Installation is mention down below or in the "installation.txt" provided in the .rar file. More updates will come, and new vehicle liveries will be released. :) Oh, and one more thing. The logo on the cop cars hasn't been changed, so it still says "City of Liberty." Updates and updates will occur, so this will change in the feature once I make a good look on it.

Known bugs: Sometimes the player and radar disappear entirely. To fix this bug, reinstall your game. This is why you should always have a backup of GTA IV because it only takes 5 minutes to get a new fresh installed IV back. Once you have reinstalled your game just follow my instructions again. If you have any questions be free to contact me, as I will answer all. :)

Open OpenIV or SparkIV. (Your choice)
Open GTA IV up in the program.
Navigate to "pc" then "models" then "cdimages" and lastly "vehicles.img"
Scroll down until you find "police2.wtd"
Open "police2.wtd" and drag "police_livery.png" onto it.
Press "Ok"
Press "Save" and back out to the previous screen.
Scroll down until you find "vehshare.wtd" and open it up.
Do the same here as you did with the previous one, except you do it with "vehicle_generic_police_livery.png" now.

When you are done close OpenIV and take a nice look at your new NYPD cop cars.

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NYPD Liveries for Vanilla Cop Cars
NYPD Liveries for Vanilla Cop Cars NYPD Liveries for Vanilla Cop Cars

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