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Thunder V Pack 3 [V1.2]

Autor: Thundersmacker | Email
Datum: 15.05.2017
Downloads: 22891 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 24.232 MB

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A collection of brute force and speed.


Another pack of ten (yes ten!) of the vehicles from GTA V including the free updates.

As always all of the vehicles have proper LOD's and low file sizes.

Some have been modified to my taste, or have been fixed to have better quality.

All of the changes (if any) have been detailed in the individual readmes.


Original models created by Rockstar Games

Converted and edited by Thundersmacker.

All vehicles (except the Insurgent) ripped by Thundersmacker.

HVY Insurgent ripped by Emad-Tvk.

Thanks to DK22Pac for the XFT to DFF Converter.

Other car parts and etc. from GTA IV cars by Rockstar Games.


You can replace any 2-door vehicle with the Picador, Penumbra, Blade, Chino, Dominator, and the Elegy.
And any 4-door vehicle with the Dubsta, Seminole, Insurgent, and Tailgater.

I would recommend adding these vehicles rather than replacing other cars.

Update V1.1 Changelog:

-Dubsta re-converted with fixed collisons and normals.
-Dominator re-converted with new wheels from the Gauntlet and some extras have been removed.
-fixed collisions for all vehicles.
-added proper mirror reflections to all vehicles.

Update v1.2 Changelog:

-added IV style panel lines for all vehicles except Insurgent. Thanks to GCT for helping me with those updates.
-fixed door, bonnet, and boot physics for all vehicles.


None that I know of. Please tell me if you find any so I can fix them ASAP.

Installation Data:

In seperate vehicle readmes.

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Thunder V Pack 3 [V1.2]
Thunder V Pack 3 [V1.2] Thunder V Pack 3 [V1.2] Thunder V Pack 3 [V1.2] Thunder V Pack 3 [V1.2] Thunder V Pack 3 [V1.2] Thunder V Pack 3 [V1.2] Thunder V Pack 3 [V1.2]

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