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Autor: Ross_R
Datum: 02.06.2016
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Hey there. For some reason I decided to take another dive in TLAD, and I found many stuff i wanted to fix... so that's exactly what I've done. I've noticed that my skills became much better than back in 2009, so this time, I guess, it is worth uploading all this stuff. So, let's take a look inside the pack:

Simply added back the badge that was on the beta Angel. Yep, that's it. Still no saddlebags, sorry.

Same thing as the Angel, I simply added back the badge. I found it really weird that a lot of bikers had Angel and Daemon patches on their clothes, but the bikes themselves were debadged.

Again, I simply re-added the badge that was on the beta bike. I've thought about adding back the beta paint pattern, but eventually decided that it is not that good.

A-ha, now that's more interesting. I've readded all the badges, also added back the sword decals that were on the beta bike, and the beta handlebars are available now as an extra.

Well, while the beta model lacked the badge, the game files actually had it, so I added it where i saw it fits. Also, as an extra, I added that small faring seen on the handlebars of the beta.

Here I added the badges as well, but also a beta handlebars (though I had to make tham a little smaller than they were) and also remade one of the exhausts, since it was a direct copy from a Daemon. So I made a fusion of two exhausts from Zombie.

Lycan Custom
Now, basically, all the previous stuff meant to be a way for me to harness the power of 3D modelling and pull out this trick. Since 2010 I've waited for someone to make this, but eventually I made this myself. Yusuf Amir's custom Lycan, complete with a paintjob, made driveable. I've made three more variations of the paintjob and fixed all the bugs I've could found. Hope you will finally enjoy it, just as much as I did.

If you need to spawn the modded bike with specific components useing Simple Native Trainer, make sure that VehicleComponents line is set to 0 in the respective trainer*.ini

Also, as a P.S. may I recommend a Motocycle Mayhem mod I found on this site. If you liked my mod, you may like that one as well.

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Quickfix - Bikes
Quickfix - Bikes Quickfix - Bikes Quickfix - Bikes Quickfix - Bikes Quickfix - Bikes Quickfix - Bikes Quickfix - Bikes

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