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Western Tombstone

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Datum: 10.04.2018
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Western Tombstone.

Introducing the Western Motorcycle Company Tombstone. We took the Angel, a staple of outlaw biker gangs across the country, and made it better. We lowered it to drop the center of gravity for better cornering ability. Then, we installed our legendary, fuel-injected, Shreiking Harpee 103 twin. Big power needs a strong transmission, so we backed it with the all-new Cruise-O-Rama six-speed transmission. To help you tame this wild horse, we swapped out the tall ape hanger handlebars for a set of mini ape hangers, and upgraded the front brakes with a dual disc setup. A retro- style oil tank supplies the drivetrain with proper lubrication, and we bathed the bike in the perfect balance of chrome and black powder coated parts, so you'll spend less time polishing and more time terrorizing hybrid drivers. This is a bike you can ride hard and put away wet and filthy, like a three dollar Alderney hooker.

Seriously though, years ago I modified the Angel by replacing it's ape hanger bars with the Wolfsbane's bars and doing a few other minor tweaks (I included it in my Motorcycle Mayhem pack). I recently decided to redo it. Needless to say, I ended up going overboard, to the point it really wasn't an Angel anymore, it was a whole other bike. The changes listed above are just the highlights. There's lots of other changes, but typing up a complete list would be long, boring, and give me carpal tunnel syndrome, so you'll just have to look it over and find them yourself.

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Western Tombstone
Western Tombstone Western Tombstone Western Tombstone Western Tombstone Western Tombstone Western Tombstone Western Tombstone

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