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Daemon Mod

Autor: JoeVK
Datum: 21.03.2018
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Not Another Daemon mod by JoeVK
Yep, I went and made another one. I wanted to make a bike similar to the Harley Davidson Sportster 72, and the Daemon was closest to what I wanted the end result to be, so I used it. That's the only reason.

A brief list of changes:
-Lowered the rear (a lot)
-Wayfarer handlebars
-Wayfarer wheels (same exact meshes as the originals, just without the dark vertex shading)
-Removed taillight and turned the rear indicators into taillights
-Rear seat is now an extra (no passengers unless it's spawned)
-Two tank/fender extras, one with metal flake paint, one with satin paint

The rest is fairly obvious.

Due to how low the bike now sits, Niko's foot goes through the ground when stopped. Other than that, none that I know of.

Not bugs:
The rear suspension doesn't move, despite having visible shocks. The extremely low rear ride height, combined with the rear fender's low position on the frame, means that there would be practically no upward suspension travel. So having functioning rear suspension was pointless.

As mentioned earlier, the rear seat is an extra, and they way I set it up means that unless the bike spawns with it, you can't have a passenger.

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CLR:1 is for extra_1, CLR:2 is for extra_2. I set it up this way so each extra can have unique colors independant of each other. Also, because of the specular texture used for extra_2, CLR:3 has virtually no affect on it. You could replace it's spec texture with an off-white texture and make it glossy and allow CLR:3 to work on it again, but satin paint is badass, so why would you?

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