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GTA III OG - 100 Percent and Full Starter (Modded)

Autor: BoubouV12
Datum: 02.01.2023
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Dateigröße: 2.334 MB

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A savegame pack in which you will find the complete game at 100% and another with a Full Starter.
All this while keeping the fair play.

There are three saves - One 99%, 100% and one with a Full Starter.

In the saves you have the choice between the Normal or Prison outfit.

Warning Don't take the RC Bandit it is bugged in the original version!.
I just put them for the collection.


All Unique Jump Locations.
All Rampages Locations.
All Off-Road Missions Locations.
All RC Missions Locations.
All Imports/Exports Locations.
All Hidden Package Locations.
0 Times kill.
0 Times arrested by the police.

Almost all rare and unique cars.
And as a bonus the Ghost boat and Catalina's Banshee from the Introduction.


I thank Zolika and XB36Hazard.
Without them, it would not have been possible to make this special save!.


I made a similar save for the DE version, if you're interested.

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GTA III OG - 100 Percent and Full Starter (Modded)
GTA III OG - 100 Percent and Full Starter (Modded) GTA III OG - 100 Percent and Full Starter (Modded) GTA III OG - 100 Percent and Full Starter (Modded)

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