GTA III Corei7 Second Edition

Autor: Krisztian22
Datum: 06.01.2020
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GTA III Corei7 Second Edition! 05.01.2020

Features! New v2! version!

Some change's,tweak's and improvement's!

-Added new game limit's for limit adjuster! Dont remove thi's line's or other .asi plugin's! From root folder!

-ClumpModels = unlimited
-WeaponModels = unlimited
-2dEffects = unlimited
-StaticShadows = 2048
-ScriptSearchLights = 1024
-VehicleModels = unlimited
-PedModels = unlimited

-New enb external shader setting's!
-Little changes in skygfx and enb series & enblocal!
-Added windows 8 and 10 fixer .bat file!
-Now corona farclip = 9000! in lod light's!
-Disabled multisampling in widescreen fix! May conflict with reshade shader's loader!
-New water rendering settings!
-Double intensity road reflection!
-New water texture!
-High level shadow resolution with distance!
-Better object,building draw distance!
-Added underwater seabed!
-Now underwater distortion is correctly displaying!
-Changed shadow lighting!
-Changed timecyc with particle effect file!
-Changed static shadow draw distance! draw distance level,now = 500!
-Added enb palette!
-Enbpalette! The black,red and yellow intensity for all thing's in map! To use!
-Added TXD WorkShop!
-Added Save Editor!
-All particle effect use original size! Decompressed archive! 52,3mb!
-High quality sand texture for seabed! 512x512!

My latest GTA 3 Project! GTA III Real Render Edition! Try it! All settings are default!

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GTA III Corei7 Second Edition

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