Minecraft People Style Edition (Beta)

Autor: DevNoBat DimZet13
Datum: 24.03.2019
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This modification makes all people in the style of Minecraft. The skins are made in the form of characters from (old and new) games of films of cartoons and anime. They are of medium and high quality. Some of them have been partially improved or altered. Also, under the style of minecraft were converted money, moon, water, blood, sleeves and birds. New Trees and HUD. Cons: In cutscenes, animation on cubic faces is displayed incorrectly (I do not know how to fix it). In the missions of "Plaster Blaster" and "Grand Theft Aero" bodies (McAffrey and the Corpses of airport employees in the hangar) remained the same (these models contain several bodies inside I don’t know how to change them). Colombians from the cutscenes do not have a pistol, an M16 rifle, and UZI. So far they have an M41A pulse rifle in their hands (so that their hands are not empty without a weapon). In the skin selection menu, the Steve model is displayed incorrectly, that is, horizontally. The texture of the right (she is not turned in the right position) hands is not displayed as it should. Women shopaholics have no bags in their hands.

+Bonus: Additional features Steve can walk, (ALT), bend down (C), swim, hold flashlight (F),
extinguish the fir, go out while the car is moving or when it fell into the water (key get out of the car),
the police will attack if they see your weapon, dying sounds like in GTA 5, a new mission sound,
a free camera in the garage and an armory,
a new camera in the train, armor and player health indicators in the form of stripes,
an opportunity to get to places from the cutscene (caution there is partly no collision) ,
wounded passersby bleed, newspapers and leaves are not transparent.
Call for help 8Ball (Call P Give weapons I Release U), Recruit people to protect (Right Mouse Button+G
Recruit G+H Give weapons Delete Let go), Select the weather (U).

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Minecraft People Style Edition (Beta)
Minecraft People Style Edition (Beta) Minecraft People Style Edition (Beta) Minecraft People Style Edition (Beta) Minecraft People Style Edition (Beta) Minecraft People Style Edition (Beta) Minecraft People Style Edition (Beta) Minecraft People Style Edition (Beta)

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