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Xbox Total Conversion for GTA 3 PC

Autor: Mauri209
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Datum: 09.01.2024
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Dateigröße: 100.382 MB

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Hello, here again with another conversion mod but this time for GTA 3 in its Xbox version, for PC, and yes, I know that I am aware that there are already several mods of this conversion, plus one that is of high quality, but its point in favor is that they consume high resources, however, this conversion that I made, you can play it with any PC, even if it has low resources, since it will not affect the performance of your computer in any way, and in addition to this, it adds several corrections in the audios of the missions, mapping, cars, among others, and just like the conversion I did with GTA Vice City, you can also play with your saved games, but it would be advisable to play a new game from scratch, so that have better experience.

It is worth mentioning that some mods were taken from the high-resource conversion, however, most of the mods were compiled on my own to make a conversion somewhat similar to the sixth generation console version, and of course all the mods that I compile I will give credits to the original authors:

Menu Xbox, Fonts HD, Hud HD, streamcarscolourfix & LoadScreen Rockstar Vienna (Original Autor Xbox mod GTA 3 mod in HD): Rim
Widescreen fix: ThirteenAG
Skygfx: The Hero
Silent Patch & GinPut: Silent
Skin and Bones Xbox Peds & Claude: The Hero
Xbox Map: DimZet & XEPOMAHT
Fixed Xbox Vehicles: MrFinger
ParticleXbox: Fire_Head
PS2 Map Features & Audio Correction:
(George Costanza, _CP_, BeckermannDewitt, BEGINit, Blackbird88, EiF0hn, ermaccer, fastman92, Forever L, inadequate, Jitterdoomer, JohnnyK, Kalvin, Mr.Jago, Mugetsuga, Neo Anderson, niltwill, R4gN0r0K, Silent, SpooferJahk, TJGM, Tomasak, 5Zera)
DODO Fix: DimZet13

By the way, if you have problems with Claude's skin, just go to the skin player options and select the first one, just in case you have problems, because I went to the trouble to fix it, but hey, enjoy the mod, SEE YOU IN ANOTHER TIME.

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Xbox Total Conversion for GTA 3 PC
Xbox Total Conversion for GTA 3 PC Xbox Total Conversion for GTA 3 PC Xbox Total Conversion for GTA 3 PC Xbox Total Conversion for GTA 3 PC Xbox Total Conversion for GTA 3 PC Xbox Total Conversion for GTA 3 PC Xbox Total Conversion for GTA 3 PC

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