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Project Zen V1.0.5

Autor: MarkModz59
Datum: 20.09.2021
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What is the Zen project you may ask? Well the Zen project is a full re-scale texture mod for Grand theft auto 3 that is currently in it's beta stage's of development. The mod will eventually cover 100% of the game map along with pedestrians & vehicles including the littlest detail as possible. The Zen project had been fully tested and it works flawless on the pc version If you like the Zen project and want to support it don't forget to check out our discord for more update's and releases.

Zen Version: 1.0.5

Fix v1.0.4 textures such as vehicles & vegetation.
Upscaled textures are now added such as grass, roads, sidewalks.
Fixed missing gas pumps and collision.
Menu textures are now enhanced.
Font textures are now enhanced.
Loading screens are now enhanced.

-----How to install pc-----

1.) Extract models folder to your main game directory.
2.) Extract data folder to your main game directory NOTE: If it want you to replace the existing file replace it.
3.) Delete your existing txd.dir, txd.img files otherwise the textures will not load.
4.) Run your game and it will automatically install the new textures for you.
5.) Have fun using project Zen!!!.

PLEASE NOTE: As of v1.0.5 project zen is no longer compatible with the ps-vita port due to huge fps drops and crashes if you want to use project zen on your vita please use the older versions of the project you will find them on our discord to download.

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Project Zen V1.0.5
Project Zen V1.0.5 Project Zen V1.0.5 Project Zen V1.0.5 Project Zen V1.0.5 Project Zen V1.0.5 Project Zen V1.0.5 Project Zen V1.0.5

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