Radioactive Rain and Vampirizm

Author: DevNoBat =SpitFire=
Date: 19.09.2019
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This mod adds hardcore to the game. Now in Vice City the rain (you hear the click of the geiger counter) has become radioactive (green) if Tommy does not find shelter he will quickly die (1 minute 40 seconds at 100% health) from radiation sickness. In the sky you can see a nuclear explosion. When the rain falls, clicks of the geiger counter will be heard. Images of the radiation sign will appear on the screen. Also, its appearance will be accompanied by a short-term signal (sfx00155.wav) "radiation leak" (not shown in the video) installation of your choice. Water in the sea also became radioactive. When approaching water, an audible warning will be heard about a high level of radiation. The splash of water from the fall of Tommy will be accompanied by a sound of high intensity radiation. The clicks of the geiger counter will be louder and more frequent. To survive in such an environment, Tommy (his hair turned gray and his eyes turned red) got the ability of vampirism (DEVNOBAT on / off code). By killing ordinary passers-by, doctors, firefighters, or police officers, his health is restored. Killing people from the FBI, SWAT, or the military, his body armor is restored. To work, you need the game version 1.0 and CLEO version Call of the Rain (for verification) CODE: CATSANDDOGS

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Radioactive Rain and Vampirizm
Radioactive Rain and Vampirizm Radioactive Rain and Vampirizm Radioactive Rain and Vampirizm Radioactive Rain and Vampirizm

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