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Lightsabre v2

Author: Pinky
Date: 22.09.2006
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Well here is that loverly little glow in the dark Light-sabre you guys were promised.
It's a culmination of a little lighting experiment I was using for a plane and the thought crossed me,"Hey, that would work on a Light-saber".
And it really does, Wahey.
Big thanks to GRIM for the quality HUD icon, as if anyone needs reminding that GRIM= Quality weapons. wink.gif
The rest of the credits are in the read me as you are probably gagging to hack up some poor ped.
Apart from R*, god bless you guys.

Added the correct txd with GRIM's HUD this time. Also added a Knuckle replacement with the blade switched off so you can go from fist fight to sabre in a more smooth transition.
Try it out, it looks okay.

Comes in several different colors.

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Lightsabre v2

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