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GTA V Steve Haines

Author: TheNathanNS
Date: 19.02.2015
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GTA V Steve Haines

By TheNathanNS

1.) Description

This mod brings Steve Haines from GTA V to GTA SA.

In GTA V, Steve Haines is one of the main antagonists, alongside Devin Weston and Wei Cheng.

He is a corrupt FIB agent who is the boss of Dave Norton, who was the FIB agent who "helped" Michael in 2004.

Steve first meets the trio in the mission "Three's Company" where he gives Michael/Trevor/Franklin the task of extract "Mr. K" from the IAA.

2.) Installation
Depending on what you want to do with this skin, the installation varies.

Want Steve to be a ped?

Visit for a list of all the peds in GTA SA and their model names and replace them in the gta3.img

Want to play as Steve?

Download CLEO skin selector and add his files to the skin.img.

3.) Bugs

There's a minor clipping issue with Steve's arm and his shirt.

4.) Credits

Ripped from GTA V by TheNathanNS
Rigged for GTA SA by TheNathanNS

Feel free to use this mod in any packs, just credit me.

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GTA V Steve Haines
GTA V Steve Haines GTA V Steve Haines GTA V Steve Haines

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