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DOA6 Kasumi

Author: Mrandres5555/Tabris
Date: 15.09.2019
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Filesize: 11.619 MB

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Well uploading this skin i wasn't sure if i should upload it or not since the rigger usually uploads his skins himself yet days have passed and nothing at all.
Why i added myself as author well is because i fixed some problems within the skin specially since rigger used DXT1 for compression which causes problems within certain textures specially from modern games reason of why exist DXT4 and DXT5 which are better suited for those textures not only that i used the original size textures which are really high besides that i added the normal map which was already linked on the model.

The settings used on those pics are well normal map by ryosuke,ped spec by dk22pac,and skygfx and reshade 1.1

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DOA6 Kasumi
DOA6 Kasumi DOA6 Kasumi

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