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Sindaccos Skins from LCS for GTA SA

Author: Alox56
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Date: 08.04.2018
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Hello, what's the community, here is Alox56 with a new mod or better, SKIN!
Today I bring you the Sindaccos skins or rather, the 3 models that exist of the Sindaccos in Gta Liberty City Stories for the Gta San Andreas
I hope you will like these skin that serves them for many things, really these skin serve for stories!
These Skins were extracted with the TXD Workshop, opening the file gta3.img of the folder models of the GTA Liberty City Stories PC Edition, saved in a folder
with name to replace the Sindaccos of Gta San Andreas, being files .dff and .txd and can (can only)
that is compatible with the SAMP, although I doubt, because they are skins created or .....
Well, you guys try, do not forget to leave your 10 Stars if you like

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Sindaccos Skins from LCS for GTA SA
Sindaccos Skins from LCS for GTA SA Sindaccos Skins from LCS for GTA SA

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