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Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod

Author: Fd030501, Fastman92, Junior Djjr, Zazmahall, and Kyle90N3
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Date: 10.10.2016
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This modification changes car colors, AI of drivers, and makes the traffic more varied. This mod is based on standard GTA SA car textures, colors, handlings, and vehicles.ide. Also I used other mods
to make the traffic more realistic, the cleo mods and limit adjuster aren't mine, credits to the authors.


- More variety of cars in all zones (forest, desert, docks, city, etc).

- More types of cars will spawn at the same time, up to 12 different cars (in standard traffic it's 4 cars at a time).

- More population (more traffic and people, like in California).

- Trucks with trailer mod included (trucks will spawn with trailers).

- Traffic Fix mod included (better AI for drivers).

- Limit Adjuster 9.1 included (for 12 cars spawning at the same time).

- Realistic car colors for all vehicles (carcols.dat).

- Realistic drivers, and spawning rates for all cars. (vehicles.ide)

Remember that this mod replaces carcols.dat, cargrp.dat, handlings.cfg.dat, and vehicles.ide.
If you have this files modded already, I wont recommend you to use this mod. It may give you issues if so.


* Use GTA SA standard handlings, other handlings may crash your game.

* Use trucks and trailer textures that are compatible. Trucks that aren't compatible wont spawn correctly (they may have issues with connecting with the trailer).

Known Bugs:
* Sometimes a car may stop at a red traffic light forever. Crash or damage the stopped car to make them move. (AI bug).

* Sometimes drivers might make wrong turns, causing traffic.

* When trucks spawn with trailers, sometimes they will detach from the trailer, depending if the trailer is compatible with the truck.

* The realistic AI doesn't apply to the trucks with trailers.

* Tell me if you find other bugs.

Sorry for my English, and If you have questions or problems, ask me in the comments in gta inside please.

Thanks To developers!
- Fd030501 for all .dat and .ide files.
- Fastman92 for limit adjuster 9.1.
- Junior Djjr for traffic AI.
- Zazmahall for Trucks with Trailers mod.
- Kyle90N3 for traffic density (population).

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Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod
Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod Remastered Realistic Traffic Mod

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