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Author: Polacko | Email
Date: 02.09.2021
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Avery Simple mod that adds some more features to GTA San Andreas.

Update alpha 0.7
1- Added 3 new side missions
2- Fixed Camera FOV locks sniper + Camera zoom
3- Fixed Red Marker doesn't disappear after an actor dies
4- Dropped the "INFO" file
5- Dropped the "Bounty" File

(Please read the "Read Me" file. some stuff there are important

The mod features

1- Ability to sell stolen vehicles for cheap price
2- Weapon dealer that unlocks in the beginning, but sells you weapons for higher prices
3- Ability to buy a vehicle and set to spawn anywhere you want
4- Ability to change camera FOV to anything you like by pressing BACKSPACE
5- You can mod your vehicle with some unique changes like bullet proof and double health
6- 6 Totally new side missions (more coming in the next Update)
7- Ability to buy Heavy weapons (Like minigun, RPG, etc.)
8- Inventory, Where you can store medics, armour, WLS. and use them later

+Plus new stuff in 0.7

[Future]: Sadly, there will be no new features, like new shops, or abilities, but there will be new missions, and updates for the already-existing features.

If you know cleo coding [SCM] and want to help me making this mod bigger, then please message me

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GTA SA Additions
GTA SA Additions GTA SA Additions GTA SA Additions GTA SA Additions GTA SA Additions GTA SA Additions GTA SA Additions

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