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RLGE v1.0 by The Real A.B

Author: The Real A.B
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Date: 16.12.2019
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((((RLGE Real Life Graphics Enhancement 1.0 by The Real A.B))))

*I made this mod with the idea of getting the most photorealistic effect for GTA San Andreas inspired by Natural and Realistic mod
for GTA IV and Simple Aesthetics for GTA V by Vosswar.
*I realized that the lighting is the most important factor to achieve a photorealistic effect.

- What is in this mod:

Natural and Realistic lighting
Realistic DOF
Improved vehicle reflections and effects
Easy to install

For modders:
This mod contains work from other authors though i reconfigured pretty much everything of it.
If any modders claims his copyright they can contact me by email and get his work removed.

- Credits:

Boris Voronstov

- Installation:

1) Just copy all archives in "to GTA SA Folder" to the game folder and click replace all.

Dont forget to backup ur GTA SA files!

2) I recommend to use the DOF by default which is for me the best DOF to achieve a photorealistic experience.
but u can install the SA_DirectX 2.0 DOF and edit by urself with Shift + Enter ingame.

3) In game settings, set brightness to 50%

Subscribe to my YT Channel: The Real A.B, and do not miss the following versions because I will keep trying to improve.

*** This mod looks amazing with SAUR Retextured and 90s Car Pack ***

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RLGE v1.0 by The Real A.B
RLGE v1.0 by The Real A.B RLGE v1.0 by The Real A.B RLGE v1.0 by The Real A.B RLGE v1.0 by The Real A.B RLGE v1.0 by The Real A.B RLGE v1.0 by The Real A.B RLGE v1.0 by The Real A.B

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