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Mind Control And Possession v.11 (PC) + Control People And Jump From Body to Body

Author: Alvian9xpro | Email
Date: 24.02.2019
Downloads: 11227 | Statistics
Filesize: 1.708 MB

9.50 based on 18 votes

New Version Updated . Check it on : Here v.14
See Video Here !

Mind control And possession Pc v.11

- Gta sa V.1 ( if not , mod will disable itself )
- Cleo 4
- Modloader ( For add-ons )

for who get trouble when you press the key , now you can change what you want ! You can change it on controller.ini as alternative key
+ Full possession improvements ( now you can possess anyone ( on foot or in car , men or women ) enjoy

Whats new ? :
- Alternative key
- Full Improvements Possession

Warning , 18+ and hot coffee Rated , I warn ya !!

The advanced Version , its time for some huge changing !!

This mods allows you to control anyone what you want

And bonus Feature for female only , you can press Tab+space near her and press 1+C
( More information , check in rar file ) its more like hypno mod !!

- Full possession , By press Tab+insert near pedestrian and you can control him
- Adding instant control for actor trainer ! Type "9XIC" to activated
- Makes Innocent people do weird things as like what you want
- Look this Best commands in Alvian9xpro Guide and control it as like what you want it
- complicated script , but very easy using ( dont worry )
- Street Hot coffee For female actor ( everywhere , anywhere )

Easy Guide Check on alvian9xpro file in rar for full Guide

This mod Has release the full version , but keep watching the improvement version in future

Cleo name : Controller.cs and more files inside ( Dont change Name of the files and folder for safely gaming )

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