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Visual Player Image v1.1

Author: Chel555
Date: 06.03.2018
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This script adds a visual image (image) of the player. With this script you can change clothes, shoes, hats, glasses, accessories, watches, tattoos and haircuts with a user-friendly visual interface.

Changes in version 1.1
- The length of the inscriptions was slightly reduced.
- Fixed a bug with the inability to activate the script due to the lack of the file "CarColors.ini".

- You can change all the clothes, tattoos and haircuts that are in the game.
- There is a Look mode that shows the necessary part of the body.
- Rotate the camera with the right mouse button when the Look mode is turned off.

The developers of Rockstar Games decided, by creating clothes for GTA San Andreas, to add the texture name of one garment to 16 characters, when the CLEO script can read only 15 characters. The texture is called "cutoffchinblue.txd" and it has a name of 16 characters. This is the texture of the blue shorts. Therefore, to read this texture CLEO script, I had to delete 1 character, so that it turned out "cutoffchinblu.txd" and the script immediately considered this texture and showed these blue shorts. Because of this shortcoming, the installation of this script will be slightly different (not as the contents of the archive throw in the folder with the game).

It is NOT recommended to use the spent crack and others, in which the English letters are replaced by Russians. The script has only English localization, and those who have similar russifiers, there may be problems with incorrect display of letters in the inscriptions in the game itself, using this script.

Requires CLEO v4.3 library

It is recommended to install:
ASI plugin Mousefix or SilentPatch

1. Make a backup copy of the file "shopping.dat", which is located in the folder "data"
2. Open the "player.img" file of the IMG editor, which is located in the "models" folder.
3. Locate the file "cutoffchinblue.txt" and rename it to "cutoffchinnes.txt".
4. Do the same with the file "sneakerbincgang.txd" and rename it to "sneakerbincga.txd".
5. Close the IMG editor.
6. In the folder "In Game Folder" throw in the folder with the game, agreeing to replace.
7. You can play.

Activating the script:
Default H + 0 (The player must NOT be in the transport). Also you can change the two keys in the INI file VPI.ini

VPI.ini file settings
StartIDtexture - ID number of the start of displaying sprites
StartKey1 - The first ID number of the key to activate the script (by default ID - 72 is the H key)
StartKey2 - The second ID number of the key to activate the script (by default ID - 48 is the key 0)
DeltaTime - Movement of the cursor taking into account frames per second in the game: 1 - incl. / 0 - off.
Sensitivity - The reciprocal sensitivity of the cursor movement (the lower the value, the faster the cursor moves)

DK22Pac for helping to fix one known bug.

Demonstration of the script:

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Visual Player Image v1.1
Visual Player Image v1.1 Visual Player Image v1.1 Visual Player Image v1.1 Visual Player Image v1.1 Visual Player Image v1.1

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