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Mogadishu Nightstalkers

Author: Carbine04, SkylineGTRFreak
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Date: 01.08.2021
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I'm back! and guess who's been watching Black Hawk Down a lot? that's right, it's me

This time it's a livery pack featuring SkylineGTRFreak's old MH-60K black hawk mod (posted 2012). now first of, I know GTAMLGM has a proper MH-60L model, but I won't bother with that since the TXD file is too much of a hassle to use, plus DCS model is better anyway :P

Included in the pack are:
1. 91-26324 "Thunderstruck" A.K.A Super 6-1
Piloted by Cliffton P. Wolcott and Donovan Briley.
Shot down by an RPG, killing both pilots and severely injuring two crew chiefs

2. 83-26186 "Rude Dude" A.K.A Super 6-2
The original Super 6-2, down for engine replacement during when operation gothic serpent took place. 83-23882 "Black Widow" took it's place during said operation

3. 90-26257 "Grim Reaper" A.K.A Super 6-3 or C-2
Command and Control bird used by LTCs Thomas E. Matthews and Gary L. Harrell

4. 89-26188 "Venom" A.K.A Super 6-4
Piloted by Michael Durant and Ray Frank.
Shot down by another RPG with Durant captured as P.O.W

5. 83-23887 "Heavy Metal" A.K.A Super 6-5

6. 91-26363 "Gunslinger" A.K.A Super 6-6
Original Super 6-6, sent for phase maintenance before gothic serpent. 85-24395 "Predator" took it's spot

7. 83-23924 "Texas Express" A.K.A Super 6-7
Piloted by Jeff Niklaus.
This is the bird where Chalk 4 was on when they fast rope one block off the intended point

8. 90-26288 "Razors Edge" A.K.A Super 6-8
Piloted by Dan Jollota and Herb Rodriguez.
This black hawk carried and inserted CSAR Team to Super 6-1s crash site

Use modloader, I really don't have to tell you how to install at this point. Just simply extract the files into the modloader directory


Replace Raindanc .DFF and .TXD manually using any Img Editor of your choice (for all 7 of you who still do it this way, Seriously what are you doing? :P)

To use the other liveries:
Rename the TXD from "SUPER6-X"
to "Raindanc"

Credits to:
- Eagle Dynamics : Original UH-60A Model
- SkylineGTRFreak : Porting and Editing Model to San Andreas
- Me : Editing These Liveries on Photoshop
- Werner's Wings : Decal Assets (I line traced the decal)

Some YES and NOes:
- NO, Skins are not changeable, Pick one
- NO, engine sound are not included
- NO!!! DON'T YOU DARE re-upload to any other website beside GTAInside (I AM WATCHING YOU!!)

Note to self: there are some errors on some airframes (not being present during gothic serpent). I'll have to update this mod sooner or later

As always whether you enjoy it or not I'll see you on the next one

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Mogadishu Nightstalkers
Mogadishu Nightstalkers Mogadishu Nightstalkers Mogadishu Nightstalkers Mogadishu Nightstalkers Mogadishu Nightstalkers Mogadishu Nightstalkers Mogadishu Nightstalkers

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