2001 BMW M3 E46 GTR Most Wanted (2012 style) v1.0

Author: Pranjit Das, BADIkPAN & EA Games | Email
Date: 19.11.2018
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2001 BMW M3 E46 GTR Most Wanted (2012 style)


* Original author: EA Games;
* Converted to SA: BADIkPAN;
* Modified author: Pranjit Das;

(Please note: I didn't found any contact forum, email address or links to consult with BADIkPAN. I'm trying to find him from months but found nothing, so I modified and released the car without permission, but I give credits to him. If anyone know address or user profile of BADIkPAN then please contact me by private massage..thanks)



So previously, I released the stock version of the BMW M3 E46, and this time, the real GTR!! This car was originally comes from NFS Most Wanted (2005), made by EA Games. And ripped, and converted to SA by BADIkPAN. And modified, added few changes, new paintjobs and mainly, conversion to the MW 2012 version by me (Pranjit Das).

So my changes in the original model are new black painted racing alloy wheels (original GTR style), fully new paintjobs (original MW style), better and more realistic reflection, new chrome mapping and many other changes!!

I'm pretty much sure, that this is the first time, someone (me) made the 2012 version of the NFS MW M3 GTR! This is heavily based on the next gen model of the M3 E46 GTR from NFS MW (2012), with exterior details from the original 2005 version, and skins from 2012 (made by me).

So the differences between the 2012 and original 2005 skin is just colours, the 2012 skin have more darker blue vinyls (with no white outer lines), and fully white body. But the 2005 skin have lighter blue vinyls (with extra white outer lines) and silky silver body, other than that both the skins are exactly same (no more differences).

Although, the car still have the original 2005 skin, with original colours and details from NFS MW 2005 (no changes). Because I know, some people like the 2005 version more than the 2012, as it looks pretty much more cooler. But for me, both skins are cool, giving the car a hotshot and real racing look!

Also, there are 2 more skins, which also based on the MW vinyl! First one is a custom made green, and another one is a custom orange, both skins are made by me!! And the car is also paintable (in any colour you want), but this one isn't tunable, you can only change the wheels at Tuning shop (Transdender).

By default, it replaces Euros, but you can also replace any other model of the game!!



* Replace: Euros;
* Own textures;
* Own lights;
* Own plate;
* Own shadow;
* Own collision;
* Own windshield crack;
* HQ exterior;
* HQ Interior;
* HQ textures;
* MQ engine;
* MQ underbody;
* 1 colours (only body);
* 4 paintjobs (MW 2012, MW 2005 and other skins are custom made by me);
* GTA V license plate (with original NFS MW number);
* GTA V style reflection;
* GTA V style damage;
* Support - ENBSeries;
* Support - HQLM2;
* Low dff and txd sizes;
* Models fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the game;


For more information, see Readme.txt in archive!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a nice day!

Pranjit Das

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2001 BMW M3 E46 GTR Most Wanted (2012 style) v1.0
2001 BMW M3 E46 GTR Most Wanted (2012 style) v1.0 2001 BMW M3 E46 GTR Most Wanted (2012 style) v1.0 2001 BMW M3 E46 GTR Most Wanted (2012 style) v1.0 2001 BMW M3 E46 GTR Most Wanted (2012 style) v1.0

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