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GTA V Yacht [Dignity]

Author: [Player]_Michelle
Date: 24.05.2017
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Filesize: 23.707 MB

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En Fin, Tenia esto en mente hacer esto hace mucho, pero no se dio el caso
Ahora esta listo y con errores mínimos Que uno pueda ignorar
Esta Es la 1° versión de Muchas Que existen en el Gta v (creo que son 4)
Tranquilos... Sacare Todas Las versiones Del Yacht
(Perdón por eso)

-Michelle C

Modelos y Texutras:
-Rockstar Games
-Rockstar North

-Sin Nada mas que decir... Asta la Próxima

copyright © Rockstar Games
©Convert: Michelle (Michelle_Works)

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In short, I had this in mind to do this a long time ago, but it was not the case
Now it is ready and with minimum errors That one can ignore
This is the 1st version of Many That exists in Gta v (I think they are 4)
Quiet ... Sacare All Versions Del Yacht
(Sorry about that)

-Milhelle C

Models and Texutras:
-Rockstar Games
-Rockstar North

-Without Nothing more to say ... Asta Next

Copyright © Rockstar Games
© Convert: Michelle (Michelle_Works)

Do not resubmit under penalty of removal of the material Resubido. .

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GTA V Yacht [Dignity]
GTA V Yacht [Dignity] GTA V Yacht [Dignity] GTA V Yacht [Dignity] GTA V Yacht [Dignity] GTA V Yacht [Dignity] GTA V Yacht [Dignity]

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