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Boeing 747-237Bs Air India

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1) VT-EBD : Emperor Ashoka (Crash)
2) VT-EBE : Emperor Shahjehan
3) VT-EBN : (Emperor) Rajendra Chola
4) VT-EBO : (Emperor) Vikramaditya
5) VT-EDU : (Emperor) Akbar
6) VT-EFJ : (Emperor) Chandragupta
7) VT-EFO : (Emperor) Kanishka (Crash)
8) VT-EFU : Krishna Deva Raya
9) VT-EGA : Samudragupta
10) VT-EGB : Mahendra Verman
11) VT-EGC : Harsha Vardhan
12) VT-ENQ : Himalaya (Brought from Singapore Airline) to replace (Emperor) Kanishka.

VT-EBD : Emperor Ashoka This is the First Boeing 747-200 (237B) is brougth by India as Brand new to India. On New Years Day of 1978,
"Emperor Ashoka", the beloved flagship of the fleet and pride of India was lost on takeoff from Bombay en route to Dubai. The crash was
attributed to the failure of the Attitude Director Indicator on the instrument panel and the inability of Capt. Kukar to respond appropriately.
All 23 crew and 190 passengers on board were killed.

VT-EFO : (Emperor) Kanishka 24 June 1985 was another dark day in Air India’s history as (Emperor) "Kanishka” fell victim to a terrorist bombing while operating
a flight from Canada to London. All 22 crew and 327 passengers aboard were killed.

In order to replace "Kanishka", a decision was made to acquire a single Boeing 747-212B that had previously been owned by Singapore Airlines.
Accordingly, VT-ENQ was delivered to Air India in May 1987. Keeping with the tradition of naming Boeing 747s after Indian kings.

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Boeing 747-237Bs Air India
Boeing 747-237Bs Air India Boeing 747-237Bs Air India Boeing 747-237Bs Air India

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