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Liberty City Mod

Author: PurpleWolfy
Date: 23.12.2022
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Since christmas is behind the door, i decided to make this mod public :)
Have Fun!
Version: 1.1

This mod gives you the ability to visit Liberty City in Free roam! :)

About the mod:
This mod will allow CJ to visit Liberty City in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition.
Additionally this will add some type of life into Liberty City.
You are also able to get Wanted Levels and get Police to chase you :)
The mod is quite similar to the "Real Liberty City mod " that was available for the Classic San Andreas.

You can also visit Marco's Bistro and see life in it :) .
You can kinda drive around in Liberty City, but it is limited .
Most buildings don't have collision expect the parking lot a office building and Marco's Bistro .
Roads i have managed to make drivable, expect the further roads.

The reason, why it is limited is because of the engine limit sadly.

If you have any questions or the mod dosen't work correctly, then join my discord server.
I'll try to help as much as i can :)
You can find it by finding it on my profile
. :)

You can still earn achievements :)

Known issues:

Game Might crash at first try, but then try 2nd time and it should work. If not try 3rd and 4th time.

Pedestrians might walk off the ground, if that happens, then go back to Los Santos and come back to Liberty City. That should fix that "bug".

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Liberty City Mod
Liberty City Mod Liberty City Mod Liberty City Mod Liberty City Mod Liberty City Mod Liberty City Mod

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