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Easy Mod Manager 1.1.5

Author: -Vegas-
Date: 13.11.2015
Downloads: 36826 | Statistics
Filesize: 3.878 MB

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Supported Mod Components:

· Script Hook V
· Script Hook V .NET
· RAGE Plugin Hook


· Create custom profiles to manage different sorts of modifications
· Automatically downloads the newest versions of
Script Hook V, Script Hook V .NET and RAGE Plugin Hook
· Enable and Disable Mods with one click
· Compatible with Steam and Socialclub version


· .NET Framework 4.5


· Setup will open automatically on the first start.
Choose your GTA V main directory, download or renew
the latest components and decide if you want import
your currently installed mods to the manager

· Start adding mods by clicking the "Add Modification" button.
Insert a short name and add the required modification files.
When finished, click on the submit button to add your modification.

· To create or remove new profiles, click on the "Profiles" header in
the menu bar.
You can add up to 10 profiles and switch between them

· To remove mods or edit them, just select them by clicking on the label
and click below on the specific buttons

· Use the checkboxes in the modification list to enable / disable
the modification in the current selected profile


added .vb compatibility
performance improvements

© Easy Mod Manager 1.1.5 written by -Vegas-

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Easy Mod Manager 1.1.5
Easy Mod Manager 1.1.5 Easy Mod Manager 1.1.5 Easy Mod Manager 1.1.5

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