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Author: YouRik
Date: 04.05.2015
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This is a program that lets you easily manage your mods for Grand Theft Auto V. Since the latest versions of ScriptHookV
do not allow you to go into GTA Online (for a good reason, you surely do not want to be banned from Online), you are
required to remove all third party files from the game's folder to do it and that's where this handy tool comes in.
It allows you to quickly and safely switch from having the mod files in the game to having just the original files.

Note: .NET Framework 4.5 or higher is required to run this program. You can get it from here:

Special thanks to Rohith_Kumar_Sp for his great testing and reporting work!

1. Extract ModManagerV.exe to a directory of your choice. Please note that ModManagerV will create files and folders in this
directory. These files are required in order to make sure ModManagerV runs as it should.
2. Open ModManagerV.exe

Click "Open mods directory" to open the folder for you to put the mods in.
Put your mod files and folders (ScriptHookV.dll, dinput8.dll, scripts etc.) inside the newly created mods folder.
Click "Select GTA V directory" if your game installation directory has not automatically been found.
Click "Activate mods" to copy the mods into the game directory.
Click "Deactivate mods" to delete all third party files from the game directory.
Click "Start GTA V" to start GTA V.
Click "Update lists" to update the file lists (they normally update automatically).
Click "Open GTA V directory" to open your GTA V installation directory in the file explorer.
If you want to use multiple mod profiles you can create mods folders where your "ModManagerV.exe" is placed. Please note that
the folder name must contain "mods". You can then choose your mod profile with the combo box at the top left.
Click the "About" button to get to the about page.

-Complete layout change
-Added "Open GTA V Directory" button
-Added "About" window
-Added support for multiple mod directories/profiles
-Added ability to replace original game files (e.g. update.rpf and the like)
-Added automatic backup creation and restoration of replaced original files
-Added mods state label
-Improved overall functioning (code enhancements)
-Added saving game installation directory
-Added transparency to the buttons
-Improved compatibility with the Rockstar Games Warehouse version of the game
-Added better compatibility with mods that use subdirectories (e.g. LUA mods)
-Added better compatibility with the Rockstar Games Warehouse version of the game
-Added a check so only directories containing the "GTA5.exe" can be chosen as the GTA V installation directory
-Fixed an issue where activating mods would cause an error because the files were already copied
-Now automatically opens GTA V installation directory explorer if it hasn't automatically been found
-Code optimizations
-Performed name change from ModLoaderV to ModManagerV
-Added a few more update points
-Fixed an issue where unloading mods would require empty mod folders

Please do not reupload this program.

V1.0.12.0 - YouRik - -

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